The Gayming Awards 2022!

Faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? That’s all pretty handy. But character, authenticity, and being true to yourself—that’s what makes you a hero. We’re celebrating true power this year at the Gayming Awards by sponsoring the Best LGBTQ Comic Book Moment. We love comics, so we’re taking the award very seriously - with great power comes great responsibility.

Comic books and games are like Harley and Ivy— it just makes sense. Both have given inspiration to the other, and many gamers are comic book readers, just like many of us at Square-Enix London Mobile®. LGBTQ Comic Book Moment is a new category for the Gayming Awards, and it is our way to share our passion for comics alongside our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  

Square Enix London Mobile® sponsored the Diversity Award at last year’s inaugural Gayming Award. This year, they’re taking it to the next level alongside more award categories and a live-in person show. The event will be broadcast live on Twitch to a global audience. Capes aren’t mandatory but try to throw on something similarly super.

“For us, it’s about changing the narrative. Games have the ability to speak to people and culture, we’ve seen that. And we really asked ourselves, ‘what are we saying’. The Gayming Awards is one event, but it’s much bigger than that. It’s about diversity and moving the world toward an inclusive future. We’re committed to championing that in this industry for players, developers, and continued innovation within games.” - Nathalia Chubin, Brand Director at Square-Enix London Mobile.

As of now, the nominations are in. Nominations are open to industry insiders and fans, because games are about community.

“I’m so excited to start seeing nominations for all of the open categories. Our new categories will enable us to celebrate more queer excellence across the spectrum of geekdom that Gayming Magazine now represents. We will have over 40 judges who will be split into specialist juries to ensure that our categories are being judged fairly and accurately by LGBTQ industry experts.” - Robin Gray, founder of Gayming Magazine.


What if I told you we were putting a team together? The Square Enix London Mobile community is about the people and the games that push the world forward. We hope you join our community and support the Gayming Awards in April 2022 on Twitch.

Voting for the two public voting categories opens on 6th February. Get ready to cast your votes for the LGBTQ Streamer of the Year & the Gayming Magazine Readers Award!

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