Progressive play

Square Enix London Mobile is about progress.

That doesn’t just mean getting the game made. It means following through on our promises to our teams, and our community.
We’re making traceable steps toward the future we want to see.

Our team members run activities to keep each other feeling positive and connected, so we can log on with a smile on our faces. Work culture starts with us—so let’s make it our own.
Team Culture

In it together

We’re many team members, playing the same game.

We collaborate

We communicate openly

We measure impact

We support each other

Our Values











There’s no “I” in SELM. We want our team to feel uplifted, supported and happy at work—and sometimes, that means less work. We plan weekly activities that help us learn about each other and bring the team together, without the pressures of deadlines or deliverables. Our activities are run by different members of our team, and anyone can start a new one—we’ll help you see it through.

Side Quests

Join the Party! Every Friday, the team gets together for a “Side Quest”: we play all kinds of games on all kinds of platforms. Stop by for some competition, cooperation and conversation. If that’s not enough, we’ve got prizes and awards in store for our most gifted e-athletes. Not much of a gamer? Come have a chat. Joining just for the atmosphere is always encouraged.

Creative Socials

Having fun and being creative together is part of the job. We’ve had Christmas cookie-decorating parties, team-wide Lego seshes and more— and we’re always looking to try new things. We love finding ways of including the whole family too.

Charity Support

An important aspect of our work is the will and ability to help others. We have built out a charity/outreach/sponsorship plan and will being implementing it in 2022. However, even before the announcement of our team, we have participated in several charitable and sponsorship initiatives. Including, sponsoring the Gayming Awards 2020 and 2021, joining our sister studio Square Enix Montreal in co-sponsoring a Code Coven scholarship, and playing in several seasons of the WFH League (supporting Special Effect). FYI, Brawlhalla and Rocket League are now triggering for this team.

Play Time

Every Friday we have a team playtime where we play games together. It started off in the first lockdown as a way for us to bond and connect whilst being so far from one another, and it has become a team staple. We play games from Among Us, Fall Guys, and Uno, to Tetris, Gartic Phone, and Colt Express. A fun time for all... unless there’s been an inevitable betrayal in Pummel Party.

Lunch & Learns

Got an appetite for knowledge? Our regular “Lunch & Learn” sessions are a fun, educational way to spice up the work day—TED talks, guest speakers and sharing personal projects are all on the menu. Tasty lunch & learns help us inspire one another—all while getting our daily dose of food for thought.German translation.

Escape Rooms

Ever been trapped in a room with all your coworkers? It’s more fun than it sounds—we promise. Escape rooms are one of our favourite activities, on or offline. Solving puzzles, cracking codes and exploring new worlds together gives us an opportunity to work—and play—as a team.